Narrative: The Story of a Determined Pre-Teen

Visitation.Happiness.Family.Love. Those four words bounced around my head, as I laid on the hard bed at the cluttered orphanage. “ Why?” I asked myself. “Why would they want me now? Are they in for it for the money or do the really love me?” I say. They left me in this dump for six years not visiting me once. My name is Alisha and I’m twelve and not stupid. They want me for some other reason, then just loving me, and I will find out.

I’m sitting in the visiting room, wonderin’ if they are gonna really show up. There is a man, woman, and girl that looks just like me. As soon they come, they come , they hug me and tell me
“I love you so much!” these mysterious people say, “I’m not buyin’ that crap!” I say to myself. I wanted to say, “If you love me so much, why did you leave me here for six years. Each family that wanted me I said NO because I waited faithfully for you to come for me!” Instead, I say, “Who are you people?”

The woman says, “ I am your mother.” The man says, “I am your father and this is your twin sister, Alicia” he says, while hugging her from the side. “NO” I scream “my parents are dead!” Alisha we are your biological family.” the man says. “NO , Alicia may be but your not !” I yell angrily at the man and the women. Then, I burst into tears and so does Alicia. I run to my room and slam the door hard, they signed out, and left just like that. I think about what happened today.

The next day, I look at the sign-in sheet for the visiting room and they are there again. Now, I know their names Susan and Phil Johnson. This time they didn’t bring my “twin sister”. As soon as, I walked in, Phil and Susan lay papers near me, old adoption paper. As I read the papers, a tear drops from my eye, onto the wooden table. As they comfort me, I suddenly realize these are my parents, but, I am still angry.

I whisper “So, I was the less fortunate one?” Both Susan and Phil say, “huh”. I scream “So, I was...