Dth Drilling Rig Reflects Its Incomparable Superiorities

Dth Drilling Rig Reflects Its Incomparable Superiorities

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Before using DTH drill machine, you should check the rotational flexibility of pneumatic motor, clear up all obstacles in the machine moving area and make sure the road is unobstructed. Before operation, please check drilling tool, feed mechanism, electrical system water well drill rigs for sale, pressure system, air pipe, dust control device milling machinery, etc. and confirm all parts are in good condition before use.

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The first step to start a DTH drilling rig is to start the suction machine and observe the noise from impactor and the machine’s running condition. Any abnormal phenomenon happens, please stop the machine immediately and check the problem source. In order to avoid dust blowing everywhere during machine working, you need supply enough water to the drill machine before your start. Continuously Observe the conditions of row powder. You need pay more attention to the drill machine condition, when it starts to drill down to the hole. So in this period, you need to strengthen the purge effort and withdraw drill to enhance the purge effort if necessary. To avoid drill pipe tripping small rock crusher small crusher mini stone crusher machine, drilling motor reversing or reducer reversing is not allowed

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