Due to the improvement of insulation technology, attention motor protection knowledge short

Due to the improvement of insulation technology, attention motor protection knowledge short

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Because of the development of insulation technologies, interest motor protection know-how brief

1 motor burned extra very easily than previously: because the improvement of insulation technology,

Motor styles require more work and size reduction,

(Linear Actuator Motor)new motor thermal capacity are getting smaller sized, much less overload capacity; once more because of the enhanced production automation, requiring the motors to run regularly through the frequent beginning, braking and reverse, at the same time as in several approaches, including variable load, larger demands around the motor protection device. Additionally, the motor is significantly broader, normally quite poor operating atmosphere, which include humidity, high temperatures, dust, corrosion, and also other occasions. All of these, causing motor much more simply broken, in particular against overload, brief circuit, phase, sweep the hearth failure happen most often.

two, the standard protector of protection less than excellent: conventional motor protection device is dominated by thermal relay, thermal relays with low sensitivity, but massive errors, poor stability, protection just isn't dependable. So it is actually with all the truth that, despite the fact that several devices installed thermal relays, motor damage and affecting the standard production in the phenomenon continues to be widespread.

3, and motor protection of development status: motor protection players has by past of machinery variety improvement for electronic kind and smart type, can directly displayed motor of existing, and voltage, and temperature, parameter, (Non Captive Stepper Motor)sensitivity higher, reliability high, attributes additional, debugging practical, protection action Hou fault species at a glance, both decreased has motor of broken, and excellent handy has fault of judgment, conducive to production scene of fault processing and shortened recovery production time. Furthermore, motor air gap...

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