Duke of Edinburgh Schem

Duke of Edinburgh Schem

The Duke of Ed award scheme was set up on order to encourage a number of different skills for the younger generation. These skills include:
• Team building
• Orienteering
• Communication skills

They also allow each individual to give back to the local community by encouraging community services which are required for each Duke of Ed award. This may include working voluntary for business or even just giving guitar lessons.
However along with these skills which are handed down to each individual, the Duke of Ed award also encourages everyone to be proud of their skills. For every award each person must have at least one skill. Mine was guitar playing which at first I was only beginning but am happy to say that now I am very accomplished in it.

When I decided to take part in the duke of Ed award scheme I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for. However I am glad say that I have had a super time participating in the silver award scheme. I have made a lot more friends, I have learned more and more about orienteering, but most importantly I have enjoyed ever last second of it. I hope you enjoy my log of the events which happened on my silver expedition

Day One

We began our expedition n a Saturday morning at 9:30. We arrived at our starting point in a slight drizzle it wasn’t cold but it wasn’t warm. It was one of those days where it felt like the day couldn’t make up its mind about whether it wanted to rain or be sunny. I remember we had been walking for half an hour and all of a sudden it was really sunny. Then about ten minutes later it began to rain. This continued until around lunch time when the clouds finally parted and we finally got some constant good weather.

We got out of Davy’s van into a slight breeze coming from the Mourne mountains we were all excited and full of energy. The 3.8km walk to our first checkpoint gave us a good opportunity to warm up and stretch our legs. Unfortunately the weather meant that we...

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