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Compare the Representation of Ethnic Minorities in Two Video Games: CJ from GTA: San Andreas and Lee from The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is a game about a guy called Lee who is married to Mrs Everett and she is cheating on him with another man. This leads to Lee feeling fuming, and within result he ends up killing the man, Lee happens to be in the back of a police car on the way to prison, that crashes and Lee finds himself in a dead and lonely world with nothing but blood around him and realises it’s a zombie invasion, as he travels around different location finding out new stuff whilst killing zombies.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a game about a man called Carl Johnson that comes was brought up in San Andreas and when he is growing up he makes a mistake by committing murder, a couple of months after the LSPD find out what happened then Carl gets sent to prison, however he finds himself dealing with dirty cops and makes a deal to stay out of trouble but they will be on his back 24/7. LSPD made Carl there bitch by threatening to frame him with murder from a fellow cop. Threw his time living in LA he becomes part of grove street gang.


Lee from The Walking Dead is displayed as a honest and good man during the game, however At the beginning of the game lee was done for murder of his wife and the man she was cheating on him with, nevertheless Lee’s behaviour isn’t shown as this in the game, whilst playing the game Lee is shown as a decent and polite guy, this is done to get the audience of the game in love with the character meaning the love to play as Lee not because of him killing his wife etc. but because of him being a subverted stereotype, it makes you want to experience the game more and see how his behaviour is carried through the game. Lee is shown as a subverted character because he goes against the stereotype of all Black African Americans being criminals within the...