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Behind The Mask

A mask can be worn by anyone. Even the most mischievous and the most hurtful of people can look back on the destruction that they have caused and realize that they have done wrong…

A very selfish boy lived a very selfish life. He cared little, if anything, for other people and rarely considered the consequences of his actions. His parents had no idea what to do with him; for every time a punishment was inflicted, they seemed to be punished more through rude words and abusive gestures. The boy stole, lied, cheated, and mistreated any living thing in sight; his jealousy created a new standard of envy amongst the people. In his town he was known as Eli for his sly demeanour.

In this town, there was a solemn ritual, one preserved since the founding of their settlement. Every old woman and every old man, when the time came where their wisdom was all they had, would walk through a great white door set in the tall grey walls that enclosed their society. Every day they selected elders. Who would say goodbye to their families and venture into what was outside. Although they would never return, their families were happy for them. It was seen as a graduation. No one knew what was behind the vast grey walls, no word has ever been relayed back to the trapped town.

Except for now, as Eli watched this happen day after day, he was struck by envy. He gravely wished to follow the elders outside the village walls, as the expressions of each old man and woman were enlightened by happiness every time one had to leave. And with everything inside the grey walls now boring and lacking in curiosity, the white door intrigued Eli even more. Though, every time he attempted to walk through, the guard would pull him back before he could even touch the knob.

“You are not ready, my dear boy” the guard would say lightly. Eli noticed his consistent reaction and decided to take advantage of his friendly warning. He also saw that the guard stood defenseless, as no one...