yes those websites were very good and supportive , it sort of in a way opened my mind and explain things through properly.

to be honest I don't know what I was worried about , I thought the woman that came it would judge me because of my cuts , but I thought wrong , she was very comforting and she told me next time I cut make sure I clean the skin , clean the blade (object being used) and never cut too close to a vain . This reassured me that she wasn't going to be judgemental.

she is enrolling me into a lgbt group and she helped me to realise that I might be transgender or have gender fluid . This was quite an awkward topic but it help , it turns out she is lesbian and she has gone through a lot and I can really relate to her a lot , this is very handy . I could tell her how I was feeling and my thoughs and she realise that there is more to me than meet the eyes . I told her a bit about my past and about my brother abusing me , my mum and brothers mental health issues and more . I felt this sort of life ed a weight off of my shoulders .

We talked about my self-esteem and I realised I don't think very many good things about myself and I would put more under the catorgary "bad things about me " than the catorgary laybled as " good things about me " this made me feel quite sad and almost disappointed in myself .

she also like paul (from childline) said that I am not better off dead , she said for a while I may still feel like that but over time I will change and believe in n my self and be glad and proud of my existence .

Thank you so much to Joanna , lisa and Paul as all three of you have helped , I was nice to have someone just listen and give advice and think of the things Ithat society doesn't class as Norma.l as normal. Thank you for not judging and I am so happy right now.

I don't mean to sound stupid or rude or disrespectful but are Joanna , lisa and Paul robots ? I mean like are the people that work at childline robots or real...