dystopian fiction compare and contrasting

dystopian fiction compare and contrasting

Compare and Contrast

“Do not go gentle into that good night”. This is a quote from a poem in a book called “Matched”. A dystopian fiction where the government makes all your decisions for you. I’ve also read a book called “The Giver” which has pretty much has the same story element. In this essay I’ll compare and contrasting “Match” to ”The Giver”.

The similarities of “Matched” and “Giver” are numerous. The first is that they are both dystopian novels. The common story elements they share are they are expected to conform, illusion of a perfect world, and harsh control. They also have the same theme which is the importance of free will and individuality books also have the similar concept about memory. As a result the government in both books control memories.

“The Giver” as about a boy named Jonas living in a community where everyone is the same. In the beginning Jonas finds out he is receiver of memory. While in training he finds out about memories and how things used to be before sameness. He stops taking his pill and feels new emotions. He decides to run away and to bring a newchild who is in danger, too. When he gets as far as he could go he finds a sled and slides to elsewhere.

The common dystopian story elements are in this novel; “The Giver” first is that citizens are expected to conform. For example, they are expected to welcome “release” at the end of their lives. There is also an illusion of a perfect world. There is no pain. The society is controlled harshly. Like they control marriage, jobs and even death and memories.

The theme is the extreme importance of free will and individuality. In the “Giver” Jonas makes the choice to stop taking his pill. He also choose to feel the emotions that the pill was blocking. He made the decision to take the chance of running away to try to free the people. He even made the choice to take Gabe, too.

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