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Nowadays, game addictions become so frequent that many youths do not find it an issue to devote their time into the hands of these devilish pits of entrapment. In addition, many of the “youngsters”, fond to their name, are extremely active in such areas such that their life can never leave keyboards and monitors. Parents are cited to be exasperated at the pervasiveness of these video or computer games, and have yet not ceased to complain about the incessant addiction.

Computer games have been surfacing since the past decades due to the change in lifestyles and preference for a relaxed roster. In accompaniment with these harmful devices, card games and many other recreational activities have surfaced in the market and have a fair share of the revenue earned from all the different age groups. Such products do not limit their market and any person of any age group can pick their choice of the flamboyant variety of alluring games ranging from computer, hand phone video and joystick-control games and many more.

The reason for the increase in surface of these games is simple. Firstly, the demand for such supply is great in different platforms in terms or quantity, and the different variety of age groups that entice these companies to further upgrade their skills. In addition, the advancement in technology and the accessible market throughout the globe acts as a supreme factor where companies take advantage of and mass produce games across the globe. It is almost impossible for any game not to be played by anyone on this globe.

Continuing to be the second biggest market, technological games survive up till this date due to the changes lifestyle preferences and people nowadays, are too lazy to even find recreation out of their doorstep and rather laze at home in front of their monitors and screens to face virtual images. However, video games and the addiction they bring may not seem so simple at the surface.

Many companies use alluring advertisements to...