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Suheil Zubi
English Writing

It was like any other summer day, where (word choice – maybe 'and'?) Peter was getting ready for his summer work. He worked as a lifeguard in at the YMCA, Jerusalem, with a group of childhood friends, whom he also met in at the YMCA. This institution had been his second home for years; it was where were (spelling) he learned how to swim in the first place, where he was just a child participating in a summer camp, where he grew to be a professional swimmer, and even the a camp leader. He learned how to open his heart to people;, to understand people’s differences as he was introduced to many different cultures,; and finally and maybe most importantly, to value those whom he was closest to and learn not to take thing or people for granted but appreciate things around him. In the YMCA he learned the value of friendship.

Ever since the age of five, the YMCA hads (verb tense – had) been like a home to Peter and his friends there like a family to him. Now, time has flown by; he was no longer the child that got excited for a swimming competition, nor the teenager that was the first to enroll in an abroad dialogue camp. He was Peter, the twenty-year-old part-time employer (employeee?) in at the YMCA. Years ago, Peter would spend numerous hours in the club, but now that it has become a source of temporary income, his visits were limited to the number of hours that the manager had previously set for him. The institution remained like a home and his friends like family, but it was no longer the same. His work did not only limit the time he spent in the building but the quality time he spent with his childhood friends.

Indeed it was like any other summer day, but Peter was not the same. As he got ready for work he looked at himself in the mirror. His nametag said “Peter” and under it, it said “Life Guard.”. He wondered if that was is (verb tense) all he was going to be in the institution. He was unsure of what the...