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My evaluation of a product

Chevrolet Suburban or Ford Expedition: Which One Do I Choose
For years the question has been raised, who makes the better sport utility vehicle (SUV) Ford or Chevrolet? Based on the state, city, or town in which you stay you may get either answer. The answers may be influenced by the company you work and their company vehicles or which vehicle you family members may drive. There are a lot of similarities between the Suburban and the Expedition, but there are also some major differences. I will compare both vehicles and then based off the comparison let you know why I lean more towards the Suburban.
The 2010 Chevrolet Suburban base model is a full size SUV. It has a V8, flexible fuel, 5.3liter, 320hp engine accompanied by an automatic, 6-speed HD overdrive transmission. It comes standard with antilock front and rear disc brakes. Power locks, mirrors, outlets, steering, windows and seats are standard with the option to upgrade to dual power seats. (www.chevrolet.com) Safety is always an issue when dealing with a vehicle of this size. When the manufactures developed the Suburban they ensured that airbags were placed on the driver, passenger, head/curtain, rear curtain and the side. (www.chevrolet.com) They took into account that children would be in the back so they installed child door locks. The Suburban was giving a 5-star rating for the driver and passenger front and a 3-star rating in rollover when giving the crash test. (www.kelleybluebook.com)
The 2010 Ford Expedition base model is a full size SUV with a 310hp engine. The motor is a 5.4 liter flexible fuel V8 and 6 speed overdrive automatic transmission. (www.ford.com) Like the Suburban the Expedition comes standard with front and rear antilock disc brakes. Power locks, steering, mirrors,

windows, seats and folding rear seat is standard. (www.ford.com) The expedition is one of the safest full size SUVs on the highway today. It earned a 5-star rating on driver /...

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