Early Marriage : Studying the Outcomes

Early Marriage : Studying the Outcomes

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This project covers the subject of early marriage, a controversial aspect of marriage, consisting in the union of two persons having a relatively small age. Although it is widespread and taken as a tradition by some tribes, some people don’t accept it at all. They refuse it for the negative effects it has over the couple, such as emotional stress that could lead to divorce, emotional drifts: passing the damage to the next generation, Lack of maturity, a cornerstone of family building, Quitting school and denying for the young couples - mostly for the girls - their right to education for social and economical reasons, Early pregnancies present risks related to both the married girl and her infant, among other bad outcomes. Thus it is highly recommended to avoid it especially by raising the awareness of the parents. Early marriage is a highly irrational act that leaves the community with severe and tremendous outcomes affecting its integration and order, Its disadvantages outweigh its benefits.


In society, several laws and regulations govern the human actions and interactions and thus reflect their acts and behaviors. Social laws can be defined as a package of traditions, rituals and inherited beliefs. This package is concerned with almost every single detail of life. People, in general tend to abide by these rules and follow them in order to be accepted and welcomed in their own environment. Although some chose to rebel against the laws but they would only be defined as few breaches.
The importance of setting these rules started with the creation of Man. Back then, people needed to create a certain reference that is capable of managing their lives. The need evolved with the evolution and formation of tribes which is defined as a group of people living in the same environment and agreeing to a law that governs them all. Members of the tribes had to show full respect and obedience to the tribe’s code; otherwise the member was...

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