Early Marriage

Early Marriage

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Influence from peers, too much exposure on the different forms of enjoyment at a young age, immaturity, irresponsible to one’s self, wrong notions about love and on early involvement towards a boy and girl relationship with a different outlook are just some of the factors that leads to an early marriage. According to the latest surveys done, among teen generation, 7 out of 10 Filipino youth are into the said situation of tying their knots at an early age. But do we really know enough about marriage? Have we carefully thought about its pros and cons? Does committing to the sacred matrimony at an early age save us from something? Does it answer our individual’s desires? Or for the worst part, what if it doesn’t? What if it doesn’t run as to how we planned it? What if what we thought about early marriage is not exactly what it seems to the real essence of a lifetime commitment?
Personally, I go against the issue of early marriage. For some reasons that I believe is perfectly just right considering so many factors that affects it. At my age, I think I’ve seen much of its not-so-good results to one’s family and even to our society. Let me just clarify that I’m not against marriage, but for an early marriage rather.
I am against the proposition of some individuals who requires a young couple to get married due to a foreseeable responsibility of having a baby. With much respect to the conservative member of the community, I firmly oppose that because marriage is not on early thing to decide for, nor to get involved of, especially if it’s not really the main option of the concerned couple. It is much a sin to get married at an early time because of a certain cause other than the deeper meaning...

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