Early Stage Funding

Early Stage Funding

Early Stage
Early Stage Funding Sean G. Ryan

Background Currently Consulting with Start-ups Business Plans Fund Raising Charleston Angel Partners Corridor Roundtable

Background Accenture (Anderson Consulting) Business Process & Technology Consulting Consulted with Fortune 500 Companies 1995 “the internet will be a big library at best, most links lead to junk” Digital River E-commerce Service Provider (ASP) Pre Dot-Com Director of Software Development IPO August of 1998 Today’s Market Cap: $1.3 Billion

Background ExactTarget Web-Based Email Marketing Co-Founder, CTO Post Dot-Com Bubble, hard to get money Jupiter Research ranked ExactTarget highest in business suitability 2004 Several rounds of funding, most recent $10M Insight Venture Partners BookSurge Print on Demand, zero inventory book production Investor, COO Sold to Amazon, April 2005

Seeking Funds:
Seeking Funds

Uses of Funds:
Uses of Funds Operations Hiring Competent Management Sales and Distribution Support and Service Administration Growth Requires Capital Working Capital Accounts Receivable Inventory Capital Expansion Technology Equipment Leasehold Improvements

Types of Companies:
Types of Companies Lifestyle Provide a family income/support desired lifestyle Fulfill personal goals Generally $1M or less in annual sales Limited upside Sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp High Growth Fewer than 1 in 20 businesses Possibly very large returns Generally require more funds Fiduciary responsibilities

Types of Money

Types of Money:
Types of Money

Types of Money: Internal Cash-flow:
Types of Money: Internal Cash-flow

Types of Money: Debt:
Types of Money: Debt

Types of Money: Equity:
Types of Money: Equity

Stages of Development

Stages of Development:
Stages of Development Money Time High Growth Lifestyle Seed Startup Early Growth Expansion Maturity - You have an idea - Writing the...

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