Eary America

Eary America

Timothy Jones
AMH 2010-306764

Question Number 9. Chapter 9

Evaluate the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. What were the positive and negative aspects of his administration? If he were running for the presidency today, would you vote for him? Why or why not?

In the dozens of Presidents the people of the United States have elected over the years much talk and debate has been fixated on the 3rd President of the United States of America Thomas Jefferson. Many people admired his compelling desire to push a democratic- republican type government and the many things he did well like working to eliminate the national debt, the Louisiana purchase, and abolishing slave trade to name a few. In the other baskets critics don’t like the fact that he reduced our military the infamous relocation of native Americans further west. Some critics would say his Louisiana purchase bill clearly demonstrated taxation with out representation. In light of all this Thomas Jefferson’s administration was full of aspects of great flaws and strengths both positive and negative.

Thomas Jefferson certainly remains as one of the most influential Presidents of United States history because of the values that he possessed. Many politicians and philosophical citizens like to use his thoughts and analogies for examples of there ideal American government. One of the many things that stood out to me was his stance on the national debt at the time of his presidency. President Jefferson tried to eliminate the national debt in order to support smaller government. He was a believer that the country did not need a big debt to have a line of credit with the rest of the world. He took charge and repealed some of the federalist taxes that prompted the “whiskey rebellion’. Jefferson was a firm believer that we did not need direct taxation and the government could run off custom revenue.

While in office President Jefferson spoke of his ambitions to one expand the...

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