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The movie begins with the scene of close-up of drunken Andy,

and changes the camera angle along the way he views things. In Movies

and Meaning, the close-up stresses characters or objects over the

surrounding environment, usually for expressive or dramatic purposes,

and it can be an extremely powerful means for guiding and directing a

viewer’s attention to important features of a scene’s action or meaning

(12). The beginning scene shows Andy’s conflict between his rage to his
wife and his personality, a good person. Then, suddenly he is sitting on a

chair in a court and trying to depend himself innocent but he fails. He

eventually gets imprisoned for murder of his wife and her lover. At the

beginning of the imprisonment, he seems not only just quiet more like

emotionless. And the camera introduces the other important character,

Red (Morgan Freeman), walking into the meeting room where trustees

decide whether he can get paroled or not. At this point, the camera

shows the environment and the trustees through his eyes and they look

cold and harsh to the old prisoner. Red also tries to convince the trustees

that he is rehabilitated and fails just like Andy before. This is one clue of

the director for the audience in order to know how Red and Andy become

friends easily and quickly. They were different in outside, but in the

prison they are exactly same as prisoners, who are powerless and

isolated by the high and thick walls. The director emphasizes how the

prison looks like by showing it over with low angle. The camera shows

the Gothic style prison and prisoners from upside so that the audiences

think how difficult to escape from it and how small people can be in a


Red’s narration illustrates how Andy and the other prisoners are

living in Shawshank prison and getting used to it. Everyone in a prison

hates getting...

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