If you said life is like a book, secondary school life was definitely a page of it. Every year my school would hold a mini bazaar during Christmas, and this year it was finally my turn to visit the school as an old student. In the past, I walked and dashed through every corner of the school for classes. But this time, it was way more different when I was wandering around the school.

Walking into the school through that enormous gate, some soft classical music as dulcet as nightingales came into my ears. I followed the music and got into a grand auditorium. Layers of red tender armchairs were placed in the auditorium neatly with a balcony on top. This was the place where we had our morning assembly every morning. Icould still remember how our headmistress spoke in a grave tone and told us a lot of life truth. I used to sleep through the whole assembly but now I am starting to cherish those memories.

Sauntering out from the auditorium and walked up a few stairs, I could see a spacious open ground. A round flower nursery was placed in the middle of the plaza. There was a smell of sweet honey pervading the atmosphere. Oh! It was the fragrance of the chrysanthemum. This plaza was a performance stage for students. The dance club members usually perform in this plaza to promote their club and other students would lean on those cool railings along the corridor outside their classroom to watch the performance.

Right beside the plaza, there was a long staircase. Walked up along the staircase till the end, we could reach the tracks and field. A green grass field was surrounded by six lanes of oval-shaped tracks. This was the place where we had our PE lessons. Every week we ran on these red and rough synthetic tracks and played dodgeball on the green grass field. Sweat coming out from our forehead to the neck but laughter filled the whole field. If we licked our lips, we could even taste a salty taste. Though it was very tough to have PE lessons under a blistering...

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