Eastern Philosopher Letter

Eastern Philosopher Letter

Letter from Buddha, Page 1

Letter from Buddha

Letter from Buddha, Page 2

Dear Pupil,

I am writing you this letter so that you may better understand my viewpoints and my philosophy on the problem of human suffering. My response to the problem of suffering is as follows;
Ultimately, there are four noble truths. The first truth is that there is suffering. The second truth is that suffering has specific and identifiable causes. The third truth is that suffering can be ended. The final and fourth truth is that the only way to end our suffering is by enlightened living, which is detailed and fully described in the Eightfold Path, which I will describe to you later in this letter. A part of the reason that we experience so much suffering is because there is so much uncertainty in the world. All of the problems we face are a direct result of the changes and uncertainty that we deal with. These changes and uncertainties cause anxiousness and may even make us very fearful.
Another cause of our suffering is Karma. Karma describes how ones departure point from life is determined by a person’s choices and deeds in past lives. Karma also explains that ones choices and actions in their current life will establish the entering points for their future lives and incarnations. Karma is the concept of “action” or “deed”. It is the entire cycle of cause and effect. The intention of a specific action will decide whether that action is morally and ethically good or bad. The effect of an individual action will leave a lasting impression that will extend over several lifetimes.

Letter from Buddha, Page 3

The final and most important causes of suffering are human ignorance and selfish cravings. Ignorance seals the door to enlightenment, making enlightenment virtually impossible. Selfish cravings make an individual a slave to their desires and passions. A person who is enslaved by their selfish desires and cravings will never reach enlightenment and can never be...

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