Ecconomic Development

Ecconomic Development

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Having discussed the entire ethical responsibility of the organization, one might say that the priority of the employer organization of the departing employee is upholding the laws and regulations of the home and the country the employee intends on being employed in. However, the majority of the tasks under taken are the responsibility of the Human Resources department.

Furthermore, the employer company should correspond with the international branch to set up a contract regarding the transfer or rather relocation. However the company need to keep in mind that different countries have different regulation regarding what is compulsory for a contract provides stipulated clauses for a few countries. Since a comprehensive contract should be negotiated to ensuring that all matters are taken into account to prevent possible future problems. The contract should include job titles and appointment, commencement and term, accommodation and termination.

Moreover, the ethical responsibility of the company is to ensure that the Human Resources (HR) department should apply to the Department of Trade, enterprise and employment for foreign worker permits or consulate office of the relevant country for visas. Alternatively the (HR) department could provide the documents to the employee allowing for simpler application for the employee. Furthermore, the companies should be knowledgeable of the laws and regulation of the countries in which their branches are to ensure the correct documentation is filled out and correct permits are applied for.

However, in cases like this it is of corporate responsibility to attempt to find a resolution on the role of ethics and social responsibility. Ethics basically reflects a moral principle which society depicts about the action of the person reflects a right or wrong. What ethics does is to ensure that companies and organization achieve their missions, vision, goals and objectives giving the company an idea of framework and direction....

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