ECE 315 Course / tutorialrank

ECE 315 Course / tutorialrank

ASHFORD ECE 315 Week 2 Applying Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content

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Applying Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content. Go to MindMeister and create a free account.
You will be creating a Mindmap to share with your classmates using MindMeister. Your map will show the following theoretical perspectives: behaviorist, nativist, cognitive developmentalist, and interactionist. Incorporate a brief overview of each into your Mindmap and identify the theorist-researcher associated with each perspective. When this portion of your Mindmap is complete, share your Mindmap with your classmates by exporting your file to the Doc Sharing forum. For instructions on using the Doc Sharing feature, please see the document in the online classroom.
To export your file from MindMeister, use the following instructions:
1. Once you have created your Mindmap click on Export.
ASHFORD ECE 315 Week 1 Journal

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Journal. In a home, community or social setting refrain from verbal communication for a set amount of time. All communication must be completed with nonverbal interaction. Use eye contact, shared references and gestures to communicate with others. Share the experience in detail in your journal entry and relate how lack of oral language development affected your ability to communicate. Make sure you include the actions and reactions of those involved. How does the experience relate to a child’s language development? What did you learn from the experience? What was the most difficult part?...

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