ECE 430 Week 5 Final Project

ECE 430 Week 5 Final Project

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ECE 430 Week 5 Final Project
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ECE 430 Week 5 Assignment - Final Project
Educational Professional Portfolio

Throughout this course you have had the opportunity to observe Mrs. Ashland, her students, their parents, Mrs. Ford, and Park Lane Early Childhood Education Center. With your degree in reach, it will soon be your turn to become the next Mrs. Ashland or Mrs. Ford. To propel you on your journey, you will be creating an ePortfolio using Google Sites. This will showcase who you are as an Educational Professional when you go to a job interview. Remember that portfolios grow as you do, so you will be able to continue to add to and revise your portfolio even after this course is over. This assignment is a culmination of the learning gained throughout this course. The case study about Mrs. Ashland serves as a reflection of best practices in key early childhood areas for you to utilize as an example.

You will need to use Google Sites to create your ePortfolio. This is an actual working website that you can enable for others to view. You will find information about how to access this site and directions for creating your ePortfolio here.

Your portfolio will need to contain the following requirements:
1. Portfolio Table of Contents.
2. Cover Letter: Revise the cover letter you created in the Week Five, Discussion Two forum. Your cover letter should be one page in length.
3. Biography: Write a one-page biography to introduce yourself to potential employers. Make sure to include either a photo of yourself or some images that relate to your professional interests. This is your opportunity to let your potential employer know a little bit about who you are.
4. Model of Teaching: Review your initial response from Week One, Discussion One. Develop a revised position statement regarding what model of teaching you...

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