ECET 375 week 1 homework

ECET 375 week 1 homework

Felix Garcia
Week 1-Homework
Professor Yacoub Alaska

Chapter 1-Questions

1-3: Discuss the relationship between network architecture and protocol.
Network architectures outline the products and services necessary for the individual components within a data communications network to operate together. It’s a set of equipment, transmission media, and procedures that ensure that a specific sequence of events occurs in proper order to produce the intended results. The primary goal of network architecture is to give the users of the network the tools necessary for setting up the network and performing data flow control.

Network protocols have three general classifications: current, legacy, and legendary. Current networks are the most modern and sophisticated networks. Legacy protocols are networks that no one wants to use, but they do not go away. A legendary network is an antiquated network that finally disappears. Protocols define the procedures that the systems in the communications process will use.

1-5: Define the following terms: protocol, connection-orientated protocols, connectionless protocols, and protocol stacks.
Protocols- define the procedures that the systems in the communications process will use

Connection-orientated protocols-a logical connection is established between end points prior to the transmission of data; they are designed to provide a high degree of reliability

Connectionless protocols-data is exchanged in an unplanned manner without prior coordination between endpoints; they do not provide a high degree of reliabitly but have a significant advantage in transmission speed.

Protocol stacks-a list of used by a system and usually includes only one protocol per layer in a network architecture

1-11: Briefly describe the seven layers of the OSI protocol hierarchy
Layer 1-Physical: Transmission method used to transmit bits through a network
Layer 2-Data link: Frame formatting for...

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