“Eco-friendly technology sustains the Earth.”

The field of “eco-friendly technology” encompasses a continuously evolving group of methods and materials, from techniques for generating energy to design of innovative products.

The present expectation is that this field will bring innovation and changes in daily life of magnitude not thought of before. In these early stages, it is impossible to predict what
“eco- friendly technology” may eventually encompass. Sustainable architecture will help in meeting the needs of society in ways that can continue indefinitely into the future without damaging or depleting natural resources.

The requirements given in the problem statement make it necessary to construct building at least more than 4 floors. The strength of the foundation and structural members can not be compromised hence we have decided to retain the framework in RCC with eco-friendly compressed earth blocks as walling material and the cement content is optimized by combined use of fly ash up to an appropriate percent.

We have distributed the functions on various floors considering structural requirements. Library will have significant dead load of bookshelves along with live load of the user increasing the load on framework. As the ground floor is supposed to have labs of area 9800+1300 sq ft. and the total ground floor area being 13000 sq ft. the next most appropriate place for library is 1st floor. Auditorium requires unobstructed column-free space with heavier grid slab. Hence if it is placed on higher floor the structural members will have to bear sizable amount of load for the entire length. So placing it on 1st floor will relieve the upper structural members. Which can be then of a smaller cross section saving on materials required.
The most frequently used spaces will be classrooms followed by labs which will have to be placed on the subsequent floors; spaces which will be least frequently used will be on highest floor. Faculty...

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