Operations Management and Productivity

Module 1 – Case

1. From your knowledge of restaurants and from the case itself, identify how each of the 10 decisions of operations management (from Powerpoint 1) is applied at Hard Rock Cafe.
2. How would you determine the productivity of the kitchen staff and wait staff at Hard Rock?
Service and product design: Would be instituted for customer service of merchandise and quality food service in regards to preparation and display.

Quality management: Would be initiating mid-level leaders who have a thorough background into operations of the company and to imbed quality control measures.

Process and capacity design: To make sure that all contingencies are thought out for daily events while interacting with customers, ensuring that all facets of customer service is beneficial and least stress as possible.

Location: Making sure that the area of operation will have most exposure for the service you are providing. Demographics support the product you are providing.

Layout design/job design: Design should flow with very little interruption of each customer from entry to exit of the establishment.

Supply-chain management: To keep all supplies accurately inventoried and have enough lead time to order replenishments.

Inventory management: Exacting oversight in the process of inventory to ensure maximum profitability and survivability.

Scheduling: oversight of employee scheduling to make sure that there will be enough people per shift to accomplish necessary tasks for operability.

Maintenance: preventative maintenance along with corrective maintenance to keep maximum efficiency and provide all products as advertised.

To determine Wait and Cooking staff at the restaurant you would measure the effect from customer ordering to customer receiving product along with quality upon delivery.

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