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Fauziah binti Fasanai Fauziah 1

ENG4U Period 6

Ms. Sommerauer


Nature’s Call for Help

Fauziah 2

With the development of profit-motivated capitalism nowadays, more are getting extra inclined to go as far as they could in order to get rich with ease. Although most of the time their actions may bring harm and damage to the surroundings - destroying nature, they seem to ignore the consequences of the things they did in their quest for wealth. This is where the “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson comes in, spotlighting the idea that there are still some out there who are concerned enough about nature and in fact are more than willing to fight for nature’s right to not be destroyed for money or any other personal interests. This song highlights nature’s signs of suffering, the human-to-human expression of regret and disappointment towards the damage done by irresponsible beings out of their ignorance, and is also an attempt at promoting the importance of environment by instilling remembrance of how the environment should be treated.

The song says, our Earth is crying before our very own eyes, yet we go on with our lives seemingly unaffected. The Earth Song is a testimonial to the signs of suffering that the Earth gives through the changes in the environment. Michael Jackson sang about this throughout this song, with the line ‘Did you ever stop to notice/ this crying Earth this/ weeping shore?’ (Jackson 13-15) resonating throughout the composition. Personification had effectively been used by the singer through this line by giving a human’s emotion, ‘crying’ to a non-human entity, the Earth itself, portraying how terrible the Earth has...