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1. For me is the Business To Business (B2B) because information systems which make use of the Internet and web technologies for interorganizational business transactions are widely used, the relationship to the consumer largely depends on a contractual basis, and brand identity is for the most part created on personal relationship. Buying decisions are more rational based on business value and often reflect long-term business relationships that includes support, follow-up, and future enhancements and add-ons. B2B involve millions of dollars compared to Business to Consumer (B2C).

2. The design of B2B should be from the firm’s POV, because there are two reasons first, no industry has anything close to a monopoly on best practices. So unless companies cast a wide net, they're cutting themselves off from lessons that could give them an edge over their navel-gazing competitors. Second, every customer that B2B companies serve is not only a business person but a consumer, one who has his or her expectations set by daily interactions with Amazon, Apple, Starbucks, and Zappos. And those B2B customers no longer lower their expectations when they go to work - especially because work now gets interspersed with their personal lives. The people involved in B2B transactions are usually highly trained in the use of information systems and familiar with the business processes affected by the transactions.

3. The design of B2C should be from the customer’s POV, because

4. This is the list of anticipated benefits of e-commerce

• Improved customer service before, during and after the sale

• Improved relationships with suppliers and the entire financial community

• Increased economic return on stockholder and owner investments

5. The three reasons why firms were initially hesitant to engage in e-commerce.

• High Costs

• Security concerns

• Immature or unavailable concerns...

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