Physics Lab Student Answer Sheet

Student Name Sheldon Thom

Section Number: _____________________

Instructions: Follow the steps outlined in your Physics Lab Manual for Lab 7. Use this answer sheet to record your answers. Anywhere you are asked to draw a graph, take a screenshot instead and paste it into this document. When you have completed the lab, save this file and then submit it to your instructor for grading.

Part 1
2a. The molecules regroup into hexagonal shapes

3a. they all try to connect together in hexagonal shapes

3b. 157 K

4a. The molecules are not try to connect to make any type of shape

5a. the molecules are not making connections just bouncing about

5b. 328K

6a. the molecules separate with more space between them and not making any connections

7a. the molecules seems to be flung around and spinning rapidly and not making any connections

7b. _809__K
8. the molecules are attracting each other in to hexagonal shapes and vibrating rapidly

9. the moleclues are vibrating much slower as if compressed into hexagonal shapes

Part 2
2. they attract themselves in to one bundle while vibrating slowly

3. the matter is moving around faster and not bundling up

4. the temperature rose slowly because the matter had more room to move about

5. the temperature went up

1. When the pressure is very low the atoms don’t move

2. No they cant

3. Increase thepressure

4. The atoms move about more rapidly

(End of Student Answer Sheet)

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