Economic Analysis

Economic Analysis

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Running Head: Economic Analysis

Economic Analysis of Business Proposal:
Special Needs Child and Adolescent Aftercare

October 28, 2013
George Sharghi

Special Needs Child and Adolescent Aftercare Treatment Proposal: Financial Analysis
Special needs children and adolescents can be defined in a number of ways. They can suffer behavioral and/or aggressive tendencies, depression with suicidal ideation and attempts, learning disorders, any variation of the autistic spectrum, chemical dependency issues, learning disabilities, organic brain disorders, psychosocial attributions and a plethora of other psychiatric, personality, and medical diagnosis or symptoms. The classifications of each characteristic of these ailments have been defined in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), now on its 5th version but the symptoms vary from person to person and treatment has generally assembled all of these various disorders into one category.
The reason that these disorders generalized under the category “psychiatric and behavioral health” is because there is still much research to be done in order to most effectively treat these disorders. What is known and evidence-based is that each person responds individually to treatment and the more specific the interventions to the diagnosis and symptoms, the more effective the treatment; however, it is somewhat complicated as each individual problem has a list of possible symptoms and each should be treated in an individual manner. The problem with this approach to treating psychiatric and mental illness is the huge financial hurdles in administrative costs, highly specialized personnel (psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed certified social workers, and nurses) and training for those working in ancillary departments requiring less education and including running treatment groups. However, there is a significant need in the Las Vegas community as well as all communities...

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