Economic Conditions in Mainland China

Economic Conditions in Mainland China


Tina L Nevels

Edison Community College

China’s Economic Development 3

Economic Conditions in Mainland China 3

Traveling to China 4

Visa 4
Passenger Baggage 4
Climate 4

Before Arrival 5

Choosing Your Chinese Name 5
Public Behavior 5

Business in China 6

Addressing Chinese 6
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China’s Economic Development

Economic Conditions in Mainland China
China is increasing at a steady speed as it continues to sustain rapid economic growth. China’s growth is affected by a number of sources, including the fast output of thousands of small and medium sized “village” enterprises formed as small groups, but are actually private companies that partner up with local entrepreneurs and other bigger enterprises. Another growth is the result of imported technology, which has given many Chinese firms a chance to produce foreign exchange through exports. Foreign investment has also generated growth also in China.
China’s Cultural and Managerial Style
The areas of managerial interface between foreign business representatives and Chinese nationals are expanding fast and an emerging academic literature is beginning to examine cross-cultural management issues in China. After many years of being closed off from the world, China has opened up vigorously, and is therefore growing too quickly, too soon. It’s experiencing all the problems accompanying a new economic power emerging in an environment where centuries of development are trying to blend in all at once.
Traveling to China
Prior to traveling be aware of the laws and provisions. A departure tax and an airport security tax must be paid at the airport, unless these have been included in the traveler’s airfare. U.S. citizens should check with their health insurance provider prior to travel. The...

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