Economic Development

Economic Development


Undergraduate Coursework Accountability Statement


COURSE CODE: ECON3051 TITLE: Economic Development 1

NAME: Stacia Barnes ID: 312100575

1. I hereby certify that I am the author of the attached item of coursework and that all materials from reference sources have been properly acknowledged.
2. I understand what plagiarism is and what penalties may be imposed on students found guilty of plagiarism.
3. I certify that this paper contains no plagiarised material.
4. I certify that this is my own work and that I did not receive any unfair assistance from others (including unauthorized collaboration) in its preparation.
5. I certify that this paper has not previously been submitted either in its entirety or in part within the UWI system or to any other educational institution.
6. In the case of group work:
a. I certify that the individual work of each member of the group has been clearly indicated;
b. that where no such indication has been given, I take the responsibility for the work as if it were the section of the paper for which I am solely responsible; and
c. that I have not collaborated with any members of the group to breach the University’s regulations.


Date: November 2, 2014

‘Education and Training are universally agreed to be linchpins of the development process,’ (Planning Institute of Jamaica, 2009: 57). Education is classified into three main types namely: formal education that takes place in schools or school-like environment; non-formal education which speaks to structured learning programmes that occurs outside the regular school setting and informal education which refers to transmission of the values and accumulated knowledge of a society through people’s everyday socialization in an unstructured setting. According to Gerald Meier, economic...

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