Economy in Ancient Greece

Economy in Ancient Greece

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-Economy of Ancient Greece-

Ancient Greece was popular by their system of government, law, philisophy, art, religion and mythology. They were powerful at this aspects that they influenced the western civilizations especially the Roman Empire. But one thing which is advanced at this times was their economy. Ancient Greece economy was so powerful and it was the most advanced economy in world. Becoming so successful in world economy was not easy. Agriculture was the basis of the Ancient Greece economy. Also crafts which includes pottery and metal works was involved in economy. Their maritime trade was so advanced and it helped economy to improve. Slaves was an important aspect for the economy which they almost worked at all economical activities. Their taxation and coins which were use at trades that also helped economy like other aspect. But there were three aspects that played the most important role in Ancient Greece economy which were agriculture, slavery and trade.

Agriculture was the basis of the Ancient Greece economy. “Nearly 80% of the population was involved in this activity”( L. Migeotte, p55). This number shows us that nearly all the Ancient Greek people used agriculture to improve their economy and to survive. Ancient Greece had not have lots of spaces to do agriculture because as georaphical reasons nearly all the land covered with mountains and also their soil was so poor which makes fertilization much more harder. So they must find specific seeds to grow up in their land. Their agriculture depends on three products: cereals, olive oil and grapes. The olive threes and grape threes is adapted well to Ancient Greece’s poor soil. But growing olive tree was so hard. It takes at least twenty years to make tree to give fruits and olive tree gives fruit only one in a year. Growing grape tree is also another hard thing for the farmers. They used grapes to eat and they made wine with grapes. Husbandary was not so developed in Ancient Greece...

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