Ed Bradly

Ed Bradly

´╗┐Ed Bradley

Ed Bradley was born June 22 1941. His parents got a divorce soon after he was born. He lived with his mom in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. His dad lived in Detroit Michigan. He would go to visit his dad part of every summer.

His parents worked very hard, his dad owned a vending machine business and restaurant. They both worked at two jobs, where they worked twenty hours a day. They never let him think that he cant make a better life for himself. They also told him that he can be anything that he wanted to be.

Ed Bradley got his Bachelors Degree at Cheyney
State College in Cheyney Pensylvania. To make extra money while he was at college, he would deliver telephone books and he gave other students a ride for fifty cents. After gradurating from college he taught 6th grade. He got a chance to work in radio as a disc jockey and news reporter in Philadelphia but he was not paid for his work.

Ed Bradley proved to be a good news reporter. The radio station started to pay him a small sallery of one dollar and twenty-five cents($1.25) an hour. From there he moved on to WCBS radio, an all-news station, in New York City. He worked there for three and a half years. He became bored of his job,so he quit and moved to Paris France. He thought that he would only write novels and poetry untill he ran out of money,but he took the only job he can find,working on CBS again as a stringer in the Paris office in 1971.

Ed Bradley wanted to get back into the real news business. He was transferred to the Saigon, Vietnam, office of CBS news in Southeast Asia to cover the Vietnam War. While there he was wounded in an attack and eventually was sent back to the United States.
After other assignments Ed Bradley covered Jimmy Carter in his 1976 campaign for the presidency. After the election CBS assigned him to its Washington, D.C., office where he became the first African American to be a White House...

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