Edbi at a Glance

Edbi at a Glance

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EDBI At a Glance


Export Development Bank of Iran (EDBI) was established on July 10th 1991, and subsequently initiated its activities in September 1992. EDBI acts as Iran's Ex-Im bank and plays a pivotal role in providing financing facilities and banking services to Iranian exporters and the buyers of the goods and services of Iranian origin.


EDBI endeavors to help fostering diversification and development of the national economy, to enhance economic co-operation with foreign countries and to provide financing facilities as well as other banking and advisory services to Iranian exporters of non-oil products.

Assets and Shareholders' Equity

Total assets and shareholders’ equity of EDBI recorded at FYE 20.03.2009 amounting to USD 3.92 billion and USD 2.04 billion respectively.

Bank Network

The Bank network is comprised of 34 local branches (5 branches in Tehran and 29 branches in main provinces) and one Representative Office in Kazakhstan along with a wholly owned bank in Caracas, Venezuela and a subsidiary partially owned bank in Minsk, Belarus. In the meantime, in line with its local strategy the Bank has so far highly considered developing into new markets and drawing up plans for establishment of other foreign branches and subsidiaries in other countries.


The Bank's service offer strategy is aimed at providing valued-added services to its clients and is comprised of the followings:

Trade Finance:
EDBI facilitates trade between Iranian entrepreneurs and foreign clients by handling export/import letters of credit, letters of guarantee (tender, performance and advance-payment guarantees) and documentary collection under trade finance means.
Account services:
Operating current and deposit accounts in local and foreign currency;
Opening Gharz-al-hasaneh (non-interest bearing) current and deposit accounts;
Commercial payment, money transfer in shortest time for abroad and in the same day inside the...

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