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South Louisiana Community College
English 1010: Rhetoric and Composition

MLA Works Cited Exercise

Answer the following based on prior knowledge, details from the St. Martin’s Handbook, or the syllabus (SLCC’s policy guide).


1. What is plagiarism?
using another person’s words, syntax, or ideas without giving appropriate credit and documentation.

2. How do you avoid plagiarism?
_take notes in your own words or summarize. Put quotations marks and cite other peoples work. Schedule your work carefully so it will not pile up on you

MLA Format

3. What does MLA stand for?
Modern language association

4. List 2 reasons why it is important to cite your sources.
So you do not get faulted for using someone else work and to give the authors credit for their work.

Citation Format
Please use the information about these sources to create citations in flawless MLA format.

Author: Edward Cornish
Title: Futuring: The Exploration of the Future
City of Publication: Bethesda, Maryland
Publisher: World Future Society
Date: 2004

Cornish,Edwards.Futuring :The Exploration of the Future.Bethesda: World Future Society ,2004. Print.

Encyclopedia Article
Author: Jerry Stubben
Article Title: Native Americans and Government Policy
Encyclopedia Title: Social Issues in America: An Encyclopedia
Editor: James Ciment
City of Publication: Armonk, New York
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
Date: 2006
Volume: 5
Pages: 1190-1203
Number of volumes in set: 8

Stubben,Jerry. “Native Americans and Government Policy.” Social Issues in America: An Encyclopedia. Ed. James Ciment. 5.8. Armonk: M.E.Sharpe,2006, (1190-1203) Print.

Magazine Article
Author: Carmen Wong Ulrich
Article Title: Stop Stressing Over Money-Now!
Magazine Title: Health
Date: April 2006
Pages: 126-128

Ulrich, Wong Carmen. “Stop Stressing Over Money-Now!.” Health May 2006: 126-128.Print

Newspaper Article
Author: James...

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