Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe, a man of mystery and terror, known for his eerie short stories

and poems. His life is a story of triumph and tragedy. As a child Poe spent many years

alone. He never got the full understanding of death, which unfortunately was a big part of

his life…

His mother was an actress, among the lower class jobs. She was good at what she

did. In the world known play Romeo and Juliet she was Juliet. 8 times a week Edgar

would watch his mother commit suicide, go back stage and watch her come back to life,

because of that he never got the full extent of death. He didn’t understand what it was.

When his mother passed away she was 29. She died from a terrible disease called

“consumption” known now-a-days as “tuberculosis.” After her death Franscas Allan

wanted to adopt baby Edgar. Her husband on the other hand didn’t. His outlook on the

situation was “He is the son of an actress.”

He was never legally adopted. That’s why instead of taking their last name, he

was Edgar “Allan” Poe. His step father was never to fond of little Edgar. He sent Edgar

to a school in England. The school was in front of a graveyard. The teachers made them

dig ditches for P.E and subtract the years in math. One day after school he went to his

friends house, this is where he found his first love, his friends mother. She had a certain

darkness and beauty like his mother. Shortly after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor

and her life was cut short.

Shortly after the death of his first love he went away to college. He didn’t do to well after all he was an alcoholic and a gambler. He came home for a visit and was surprised to find that his step mom two was diagnosed with consumption. She passed away in 1949, the second woman in his life to be taken by this disease. After her death his step father kicked him out with just enough money to get back to England. After his exile back to England, Poe found...

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