Edible oil refining equipment development

Edible oil refining equipment development

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Edible oil refining equipment development:

Cooking oil is the necessity of daily life, edible oil refining processing equipment from the original stone mill oil to improve oil production line has been around for centuries.Single is this a cooking oil refined oil equipment has existed for more than half a century in oil machinery industry.

Edible oil processing is a traditional industry is emerging palm oil processing plant (http://www.palmmill.com), the key depends on how to choose.Edible oil refining equipment from the 1950 s large-scale popular use, since there has been in the dominance of oil machinery.Oil refined oil equipment because of its easy operation, high yield efficiency, good quality of oil widely admired.However, old outdated equipment, a lot of design principle also reduces the production efficiency, and processing of oil quality cannot meet the social needs of the masses, the demand of The Times promote the innovation of the industry, small tonnage, the single oil refined oil equipment before gradually into decline, can be replaced by processing of soybean, peanut, rapeseed and other new equipment, oil removing impurity, puffing process such as pretreatment, set the refining, secondary crushing and other complex section, finally became now oil, edible oil didn't end after cooking oil, refined oil equipment after palm oil refining process (http://www.palmmill.com/News/121.html) and a half also need access to the refining workshop for further processing, in order to improve the quality of cooking oil, make it more suitable for cooking, taste better, more flavor.

Grain and oil machinery zhengzhou penguins every year to introduce a new type of palm oil refinery plant (http://www.palmmill.com) technology, efficient grain contact technical department, learning good design system, and supporting software, in order to produce the domestic first-class advanced technology and high quality oil equipment, contribute for oil equipment, let more people...

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