EDU 381 ASH Course Tutorial / Uophelp

EDU 381 ASH Course Tutorial / Uophelp

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EDU 381 Week 5 Final Paper

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Part One: Lesson Plan
Select academic standards on which a unit of study can be developed. Create three lesson plans that could be used in this unit using three different instructional models (select from models that have been covered in this course) that can be utilized effectively to create objectives to meet the standard you have chosen. Be sure to address each of the items below in each of your lesson plans:
§ Identify the instructional model you have chosen.
§ State the academic standard on which the lesson is based.
§ Describe grade level your lesson is written for.
§ Write one ‘students will understand’ objective, at least two ‘students will know’ objectives, and at least two ‘students will be able to do’ objectives to meet the academic standard you have chosen.
§ Include assessments that will be utilized.
§ Explain the procedures you will use to teach the lesson. Your lesson plans should be written using the KUD format as shown in your course textbook. See examples in Chapters 4-10. Part Two: Rationale You may begin working on these areas through weekly assignments throughout the course. Address each of the following bullet points in your final project:
§ Introduction: The focus of your project (unit of study).
§ Rationale for Selection of Instructional Models: Explanation of why each selected model will be effective in meeting instructional objectives for that lesson.
§ Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners: A summary of how individual needs can be met in each model/lesson plan.
§ Assessment and Accountability: Discussion of types of assessment that will be used in each lesson.
§ Evaluation Plan: An explanation of how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your unit of study.
§ Conclusion: A brief discussion of why it is important for teachers to develop an instructional repertoire. The entire project must be a minimum of 10...

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