Educ 200 Video Lesson Evaluation

Educ 200 Video Lesson Evaluation

Video Lesson Evaluation Form
You must use the template below to complete this assignment. All sections below must be addressed with thorough responses; phrases and incomplete sentences are not acceptable. Key words such as “since,” “because,” “through,” “using,” etc., must be used throughout the document to explain the ways in which various competencies were met. Each response must include 3–5 sentences.

Grade* (5 pts)
Do you feel that the teacher in the presentation was adequately prepared? Why or why not?
Yes I do believe that the teacher was adequately prepared because she had shapes presented at the front of the class, along with a white board with the word shapes on it. She also presented to the class that she will be reading a book about shapes using the pictures in the book as reference, and referred to previous work they did on shapes. This teacher was well prepared through careful thought, and organization.

Describe the teacher’s “set” (the way she opened her lesson). How did she begin the lesson in order to gain student interest? Was it effective? Why or why not?
How did she close her lesson and summarize/solidify the important concept(s) for her students?
She began her lesson with shapes up at the front of the class, and a blank white board. She began by asking the children if they remember their shapes, and what shapes they have been working on. She also told the kids she will be reading a book on shapes, and then physically drawing the shapes themselves. I think it was effective because the children were interested in the book for one, and drawing the shapes themselves for two.

She closed her lesson by bringing all her kids back to the carpet, and revisiting a poem they all have learned before. This poem explained the shapes and how many sides each shape has. Since the students can recite this poem, they are able to distinguish all the shapes from one another.


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