Educating Rita/Consequences

Educating Rita/Consequences

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Explain how Educating Rita and ONE other related text of your own choosing portray the consequences of moving into the world.

In the process of learning to conform to a new lifestyle and rewriting ones morals in partnership with the expectations of the outside influence, there is most likely a road of repercussions that must follow. In the play, “Educating Rita” by Willy Russell the main protagonist, Rita, delves herself into a path of individual growth while aspiring to be better than what she is and elevate her status in life. Through the education of literature, this woman explores the difficulties and conflicts that may arise as she continues to excel in her transition.

To move into the world, one must acquire immunity in response to external pressures otherwise unfavourable consequences may result. In the play, Rita continuously mentions her imprudent husband named Denny, who plays the metaphorical role of the lower-class and Rita’s former life. As she advances in her educated life, alongside Frank, she is forced to deal with the negativity in Denny’s attitude towards her desire to be better in life. He attempts to obstruct Rita’s progress when he “burnt all me books” and even responded by giving her an ultimatum of “Either I stop comin’ here and come off the pill or I could get out together.” It is outwardly known that Rita has managed to endure with the unhappiness that has derived from her marriage with Denny for a considerably long time but it is from the exposure to such literature, which gives her the capability to defy him and sacrifice such mediocrity to succeed. In her eyes, moving into the world was a conflict on both sides but as a response, it sparked a fire in her to stand up for her wants and desires and negate any issues related to her inability to improve. Therefore, Rita decides to move out and finally take a step closer towards her complete transition and says to Frank, “The only thing I value is here, comin’ here once a week.”...

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