Education and Racism Article Review

Education and Racism Article Review

Jae Yoo

Journal Review:
Multi-Racial and Multi-Ethnic Empowerment

Article Citation

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The racial climate of our society undergoes constant change. The traditional assumptions about racial identity will face resistance from the emergence of multi-racial and multi-ethnic individuals. There is a new order of multi-raced people who will challenge our past views on race and ethnicity. I will refer to multiple articles to show the essential themes of the multi-racial experience and the current undertones and feelings towards a more multi-cultural America and what that means for the nation.
The first article, written by Ellis Cashmore, titled “Tiger Woods and the New Racial Order,” deals with the notion that [there are] “no barriers to progress for any member of its citizenry” (Cashmore). It also claims that we have mostly won the battle against racism and success can be found in any racial group, even the mixed-raced individual. Tiger Woods, in this case embodies the multicultural individual’s triumph over adversity. His achievements “show how far Americans have come on an unstoppable national journey . . . from the time-honored myth of racial clarity to the all-mixed-up reality of multiracialism” (Cashmore).
Article two, “Multiracial Identity in the Post-Civil Rights Era,” uses personal experience to...

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