Education - Essay 5

Education - Essay 5

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Title : Pull factors and satisfaction of International students in Malaysian Institutions of Higher education


There has been an increasing globalization in the sector of higher education for the past couple of decades. The globalization of higher education can be seen from the large flow of students studying abroad and the increasing number of colleges and universities providing educational services across borders. It has been estimated that there are two million students studying worldwide outside of their home countries, and this number may increase to eight million by the year of 2025 (Altbach, 2004). Most of the international students are from countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. They study in only a small number of host countries with USA, France, Germany, UK, and Canada as the five leading host countries. By far USA is the largest provider of international education. In 1990, USA was the host to students mainly from Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Taiwan. France had a large proportion of its students from Morocco and Algeria; while Germany drew heavily from Turkey, Iran, and Greece. Malaysia and Hong Kong were the top two source countries for UK; and for Canada, Hong Kong, Philippines, and China were the top three sources of students. Malaysia provides a good example in this aspect. Malaysia has been one of the major source countries for US, UK, and Canada. Malaysia used to “push” away many students to study overseas due to limited access to higher education in the home country. Now, Malaysia is trying very hard to retain her own students studying locally and to “pull” international students from various countries especially those from China. Malaysian government has decided to make the country as education hub in the Asian region.

Background of Study:
The environment of education service industry has become fiercely competitive as students now have more choices, and they have become more demanding and discriminating in...

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