Education Rationale

Education Rationale

Kelsey Hays
EDF 1005
Section 0602
Dr. Richard Faessel

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

As a student, I am willing to learn all I can and retain the information I grasp. As a teacher it will be my duty to help the children I teach grasp the knowledge they need to learn. But, teachers are in the shoes of their students as well. Teachers learn who their students are, how they learn, what subject grabs their interest most, and what their different behaviors and attitudes are. Teachers build the foundation of generations, we build the supporting fundamentals children need in life and we are responsible for what (knowledge) we put into the world.

Students do not learn in any specific way, they learn from their peers, educators and the public. Students learn their behavior differently than they do subject matters in school, but they are grasped similarly. Students learn what they WANT to learn, that’s why some are better at math than they are at history or reading than they are at geology. When we learn something that keeps our interest, then that is when, as teachers, we have done our jobs. In or der to keep the students interest, I will present different learning posters around the classroom, have the desks and chairs set up in groups for participation learning, and be attentive to students that are “at risk”. From observing the Kindergarten class at Sacred Heart Cathedral School, I learned many different terminologies and “at risk” is one that struck out to me as particular. An “at risk” student is a student showing signs of struggle in a subject they might not do particularly well in later in their schooling career and at this school they have a program to help those children, which I think is fantastic. I aspire to create a learning environment that makes the students feel welcomed, drive them to stay on task and want to learn,...

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