Education system

Education system

How can we improve the education system in Bangladesh?


2 What can we do against Nepotism in admission system?

Nepotism is a curse. Specially in education system. As we all know education is the backbone of a nation. And by doing nepotism this backbone will collapse. It's an insult to meritocracy(যোগ্যতা). However, this can only be prevented by raising awareness among people. If they can understand the importance of whole process only then it will be stopped.

3 How can we prevent question paper leak?

To prevent the leakage question paper must try to send all question paper through using the Unique Internet IP Address. Each examination center should have sufficient printer & photocopy. Absolutely, the Education Ministry office makes such type Unique IP Address, which should be used during the morning day of the examination time only. Another time, disable the IP address that no one cannot use.

4 What steps should we take as there are limited seats at universities ?

With an aspiring middle-class, the limited number of quality higher education institutions is failing dismally to meet demand. The move outraged students and sparked debate about access and quality in higher education. The number of students who score 80% and above is increasing every year. But we have a limited number of seats. If everyone applies for University then we have to find a way to limit accommodate them. We need more quality higher education institutions since the number of students graduating from school with good performance is surging every year.

5 "Corruption is rising parallel with educated people" - what should we do ?

Corruption is the elephant in the room that nobody talks about. The number of Higher educated person is rising , so does the corruption. It's because people are getting cunning rather than clever & loosing morality...

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