Education Technology and Smart Classroom Market

Education Technology and Smart Classroom Market

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Governments across the globe have been increasing investments in education due to its effectiveness in reducing
inequality and poverty and thereby making a country prosperous. Further, education encourages creativity,
imagination and knowledge among students, which helps them to gain better opportunities and help in becoming
better members in the society. Thus, inculcating technology in education can provide better understanding of
concepts to students and help tutor to provide quality education. A smart classroom uses all interactive modules
such as audio, video and presentations in order to provide visually attractive conceptual knowledge, which are more
appealing to the students. A smart classroom can be created in any school through creation of a knowledge center.
The center provides necessary content in form of videos and animation as per the lesson plan through internet. The
main advantage of a smart classroom is its adaptability according to all kinds of students irrespective of their
learning capability. Thus, a tutor is able to focus on a particular student if he or she is lagging behind in a particular
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