Web Dynpro for ABAP for Beginners
Sankar Gelivi

What is Web Dynpro?
As you may already know, Web Dynpro is the UI technology for developing client-independent
applications. It comes with a programming model, set of tools and a run-time. The platform
independent metamodel definition enables Java and ABAP to be the run-time environment for Web
Dynpro applications.
The development environment of Web Dynpro for ABAP (to be short, ‘WD-ABAP’ from now on)
is tightly integrated into the ABAP workbench (SE80). ABAP classes are generated automatically
from the metamodel created in this design tool. Custom coding is done in ABAP for tasks such as
business logic (Model) access, event handling, and dynamic screen modification. The ABAP stack
of the application server (Usage type: AS-ABAP) is the runtime environment for executing the
generated ABAP classes and custom coding. Based on the client from which the application is
triggered, the unified rendering takes care of rendering the UI in respective technology (for
example, if it is triggered from a web browser, the Web Dynpro UI metadata is converted to
HTML, JavaScript and rendered using HTTP(S)).

A Programming Model for User Interfaces
 Defines a standard structure for user interface applications
 Derived from the MVC (“model-view-controller”) design pattern
A Set of Tools for User Interface Design
 Focus on graphical modelling
 Code is generated from meta-model declarations
 Integrated in SAP NetWeaverDeveloper Studio and the ABAP Workbench
A Runtime Environment for Applications
 Framework running on SAP Web AS server offers common services
A Technology for Software Modularization
 Components help structure applications and support pattern-based UIs

Web Dynpro Main Benefits

Deliver an Enterprise Quality Web Development Environment
 Enforce clear separation between UI logic and business logic
 Little coding, lots of design

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