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Schools, Teaching, and Supervision

Grand Canyon University: EDA 551

Schools, Teaching, and Supervision
A supervisor is someone with the capacity to lead, supervise, or to organize a group of people. In education, a supervisory platform is very important when trying to be an effective leader. A platform is established upon which their goals and actions a supervisor believes. The platform must outline the supervisor’s educational beliefs and how these beliefs work when practiced. As a future educational supervisor, I know how imperative to values establish a set of beliefs I will uphold.
Who Should Control the Learning Environment?
The purpose of supervision is to improve instructional practices in the classroom to enhance learning. When teachers do not feel like they are under scrutiny, they will become relaxed and less productive. Because of this, there is a need for control in a learning environment. With a supervisor, or administrator, teachers have someone to watch them and to make sure they are on task. They also have someone to go to when they are confused or have questions. With a supervisor present, the learning environment can be a more learning friendly atmosphere. The teacher and supervisor can learn from one another. If a supervisor is active and in charge, they can show teachers ways to be more efficient in the classroom. If the teacher does not take this insight and build from it, the supervisor has the right to ask for change. Especially if there is no positive results in the learning environment. Since the supervisor is in charge, they have the right to share strategies, lesson plan outlines, and the reading of data. They are able to do or share anything that enhances instruction.
It is important for the school’s supervisor to build relationships with parents as well. Because they are in charge of the learning environment, they should be familiar and acquainted with all stakeholders. Also, students...

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