Educational Leadership in Pakistan

Educational Leadership in Pakistan

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A book on leadership “Educational Leadership in Pakistan: Ideals and Realities” was reviewed in group of six course participants as a part of our Pedagogical Leadership (PL) course. This paper discusses the rationale of selecting the book, introduction of book and authors, key learning from the book, group work (process, my role, what worked, what not worked) and my learning from this whole process.

Rationale of Selecting the Book
In our very first group meeting we all group members, with a mutual understanding, set some criteria for selecting a book for review as a part of our PL course. First, the selected book meet the set criteria of the assignment as well as it may be relevant to our PL course. Second, the book should cover context of developing countries, particularly of Pakistan, as a lot work is done on leadership in western/ developed context. Third, it should contain indigenous and contextual case studies about pedagogical leadership. Our focused search provided us with an access to the book “Educational Leadership in Pakistan: Ideals and Realities” (2010).

All about the Book
This is the first ever book on educational leadership, published in Pakistan. Dr. Jan-e-Alam Khaki[1] and Dr. Qamar Safdar[2] are the editors of this book. The book consists of a series of empirical studies undertaken by qualified educational researchers in Pakistan, associated directly or indirectly with AKU-IED. There are various thought provoking and insightful topics in this book; each complements our learning experiences. The book is divided into four sections and fourteen chapters; each section and chapter is intertwined with each other and illuminates issues and its remedial measures. Section one describes the development of education leadership in Pakistan. The second sections deals with the Diversity of Leadership: perceptions and practices of leadership in Pakistan. The third session looks at the role of the educational...

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