Educational Reforms in India - 1

Educational Reforms in India - 1

Educational reforms in India since independence – Flaws & suggestions

Education has been considered as one of the very important dominion in our national life. Education holds the important key for development and progress in every aspects of our existence, which starts from an integrated and synergic viewpoint, the system of education constitute as the foundation of the legal, civic, administrative and also developmental domains of future unfolding India.

Though several debates have undergone on this issue in the recent past, but the discussion still prevails on this issue which is in motion since the era of pre-independence days. It was a know fact that the educational system which was devised in the erstwhile alien rulers was not target at the national goals and aspirations, in the later stage several educational leaders learnt the truth the deleterious effects the erstwhile educational systems had on the young minds, as such the movement has been started with the initial efforts to establish few nationalist educational institutions. In this approach several nationalist schools and also colleges were established to impart education in a nationalist content and its approach, as they thought this type of education will infuse a spirit of patriotism and also a national outlook which one cannot forget.

To eradicate such prevailing systems in the pre-independence era in India, many committees and several commissions were brought up to propose recommendations to make a change in the educational system, few of them in the year 1948-49 it was the Radhakrishnan Commission on University education, in the year 1952-53 Laxmanaswamy Mudaliyar Committee on secondary education and later in the year 1964-66 it was the Kothari commission on education, though there are several these three can be looked as an important.
Failure of Implementation

As the voluminous material could not withstand which were available in the form of suggestions and recommendations which were...

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