Edward abbey

Edward abbey

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Activity #1
Age Range: 17-35
Time: Approximately 20 minutes
Type of activity: presentation
Resources needed: Laptop, projector screen

Description: The aim of the program against smoking is to enable young people to make informed choices about their smoking behavior and de-normalize tobacco use. The first activity will include conducting a presentation. The objective is to educate and create awareness among students about the risks of tobacco use. Also, to present things in a manner which all students can understand, including those who's first language is not English, and find interesting (i.e. by avoiding boring/repetitive “smoking is bad” lectures). The presentation will include information tailored to suit the age group. Topics discussed include myths and facts about smoking, ingredients of a cigarette, the tobacco industry, and effects on health and appearance. This is a great way to convey ideas as well as educate the students about tobacco use. To maximize impact, we will make sure the presentation is not monologue, but a very interactive session where the presenter will continuously involve the students by asking questions and inviting responses.

Activity #2
Age range: 17-25
Time: Approximately 30 minutes
Type of activity: discussion
Resources: Magazine advertisements, mural paper, markers, laptop, projector screen

Description: Tobacco advertising is seen in the media, billboards, and sale messages. Advertising and promotion are most likely to effect the youth in an unconscious way. They provide images that support the attractiveness of smoking. The second activity is designed to reduce the appeal of tobacco advertising. For this activity, there will be a series of cigarette magazine advertisements spaced out on a large sheet of mural paper. Students will then write their reactions near each of the advertisements to this question: How does each ad try to make smoking look like fun or like a good, healthy thing to do? After the students...

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