Edward Degas

Edward Degas

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Andrew Lehman
Section 1
Ch. 3 Homework

Case Study 3

1. There are several things that Bosu could do to get that competitive advantage. They could enhance their product, make a different product, have an exclusive agreement with suppliers that would block competition, give certain giants in the exercise industry endorsements so that they will endorse the product, or simply lower the prices on the product already made.

2. Some barriers to market entry would include exclusive agreements with suppliers, a patton on the product, and incredibly low prices that would be impossible to compete with.

3. Bosu could create alliances among the market by simply offering deals to other companies, promoting another company, or signing an agreement with a supplier.

4. Bosu could create newsgroups, focus groups, and MVPs to help out with customer service. However, I’m not sure how effective these groups would be with this type of product. In Microsoft’s case, they had many people that became very familiar with the product as they spent many hours of their day using it. In Bosu’s case, customers would only spend a few minutes a day exercising with their product and I’m not sure how well they would get to know the product.

5. If they were to develop these help groups, Bosu would have to create several blogs and chat rooms so that the groups could communicate with each other.

Using Your Knowledge

1. A test bank would generally be considered a content management system. It can be a computer-based system, but wouldn’t neccisarily have to be. Some advantages of a computer-based system are: quick access, easy access, easy updating ability. If it were my system, I would want it to have information about each test including class schedule, grades, proffessors, class year, major, etc. It could be indexed a variety of ways including by professor or by class.

2. Such a system is illegal and not ethical. It puts test answers out there to be used by anybody that...

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